Success Stories

The beginning of the physical therapy regimen dates back 2012, where Jeff Frankart’s experience as a military physical therapist provided more than 30,000 treatments. People who have completed the program have: 

Additionally, The Fix has:

“Your FIX Is Our Focus”

Spinal Fusion


“My change in lifestyle was dramatic after Jeff’s program! After 14 years of being afraid to move, I now hike and bike with my children.”

47-year-old male with C7-T10 spinal fusion (T4-T6 absent) and severe traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Neck Fusion


“After the second week (with Jeff), I can remember coming to class and crying as I told Jeff that this was the first day I was able to comb and braid my own hair without help in over a year and a half.”

47-year-old female with 2 level neck fusion after herniated disc.

Microdiscectomy with Spine Stimulator


(Interventions are not working.)

“After 6 weeks of Jeff’s program, I was able to turn off the implanted spine stimulator I had been using for 1 year.”

51-year-old female after L4-5 microdiscectomy and a spine stimulator.

Disc Herniation


(I don’t want a surgery or more meds.)

“When I met Jeff, I was on IV morphine after not being able to walk because of an L4-5 disc herniation with nerve root compression. Instead of the recommended spine fusion, I chose to do Jeff’s program. Two weeks and 12 sessions later, I went back into combat. Eight weeks after that, I ran 5 miles in 40 minutes. A year later, I did 5 parachute jumps. You will forever have my deepest gratitude.”

42-year-old male 1 week after L4-5 disc herniation with nerve root compression.