The Fix Program

Move. Motivate. Mend.

The Fix is a program that begins with an initial evaluation and a trained physical therapist from The Fix who deploys 12 treatment sessions over a six- to eight-week period. These sessions can be private or semiprivate, then vary to include small groups, depending on the patient’s needs. There is also a discharge assessment for ongoing treatment.

The Fix focuses on the mind as well as the movement. It reprograms how your brain processes pain and recalibrates what you think you’re capable of. Research shows that pain lasting longer than three months has more to do with the nervous system than actual tissue damage or injury. The Fix calms your brain, so your body can heal. 


The Fix is based on the concept that movement is medicine. The program uses continually challenging, bodyweight-based motions that are adapted for each person. As patients increase their activity, they become more confident in their capabilities. The result is reduced pain and increased function.

The Fix shows clients what they CAN DO. The results keep them inspired. We help clients build their strength and reduce the need for medication after injury or surgery, so they can get back to the activities they enjoy.



Retrain your body and brain with The Fix! The program is proven effective for soldiers, professional athletes, and patients of all ages and capabilities. If you’ve tried physical therapy, surgery, chiropractic, and medication, and you’re still experiencing pain – try The Fix.